Welcome to Bite Me Cakery!

At Bite Me Cakery, we believe in celebrating life's special
moments with a touch of sweetness and artistry. Our founder, a former chef
turned passionate pastry artist, takes pride in creating stunning, floral
butter cupcakes that add a unique flair to every occasion. From children's
birthday parties to weddings and Valentine’s Day celebrations, we pour our
heart and soul into every creation, ensuring they not only taste exquisite but
also look like works of art.

Our Cupcakes: A Blend of Taste and Art

 Our cupcakes are more than just a treat; they're a
celebration of culinary art. We continuously experiment with new colors,
shapes, and recipes to offer a delightful and visually stunning experience for
every event.

Pricing and Orders

While each order is bespoke and prices may vary, here's an
idea of our range:

Classic Cupcake Creations

Set of 6: Starting from €25

Set of 12: Starting from €45

Premium Floral Cupcakes

Set of 6: Starting from €35

Set of 12: Starting from €65

For customized designs and larger orders, please contact us
for a quote.

Area of Service

Based in the heart of the Hoofddorp-Amstelveen-Amsterdam
triangle, we are eager to bring our culinary creations to your doorstep. Let us
know your ideas, and we'll be thrilled to provide a custom quote to make your
event even more special.

Contact Us

Got an idea or a special request?

We'd love to hear from you
and bring your vision to life. Reach out to us for a quote, and let's make your
event unforgettable with Bite Me Cakery’s exclusive cupcakes.

Thank you for choosing Bite Me Cakery, where every cupcake
is a piece of art!